Swiss Army Knife

Greg is a very talented Digital Media professional who is adaptable to, and can perform a wide variety of tasks within the Digital Media profession.

Greg utilized his creative expertise to provide us with different options that aren't normally found in other sites. Combining easy navigation with sophisticated Flash and graphic features, his outside-the-box thinking created a classy site that had a dramatic impact on our image. We have already had positive responses from prospective clients visiting our site. Greg's high standards and hard work ethic exemplified the experience we had in working with [him]. We feel these characteristics set his company apart from other web developers and will positively affect our bottom line.
Angie & Mary Kay, Century Products, Inc.

Greg Cooper,
the Swiss Army Knife of Digital Media

Swiss Army Knife of Digital Media

Just as a Swiss Army Knife is a universal tool that can be applied and used in a wide variety of situations, Greg Cooper is a universally talented Media professional who can adapt and perform a large number of roles within the Digital Media profession.

He can develop, build and maintain your website, and he can put together your company’s visual message.

With knowledge and experience in virtually every facet of media production, Greg has been successfully providing effective and award-winning professional solutions for over two decades.
His mastery of computer technology and attention to detail have resulted in numerous innovative and successful award-winning website & multimedia projects.

With almost three decades of video production experience, Greg has also worn many hats behind the camera as a videographer, grip, gaffer and PA. He is an award-winning video editor, having assembled countless powerful video presentations and [Emmy Award Winning] broadcast programs for a wide variety of clients.

His audio editing skills are also enhanced with the added benefit of adding his flexible vocal abilities to numerous projects.

In addition, Greg has taught college level video editing classes and provides unparalleled customer service.

His creativity and skills have been key and invaluable in helping the companies he’s worked for shine and establish themselves as industry leaders.

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Greg Cooper

Responsive Web Design

With mobile browsing becoming the norm, it is necessary to make the mobile browsing experience enjoyable, simple and easy.

Video Production

Greg Cooper is an award winning video production professional, working in all a facets (pre-production, shooting and post-production) and a wide variety of styles (Corporate, promotional, training, broadcast, commercials, website videos and green screen).

Audio Production

Greg has audio mixing, editing and recording capabilities as well as audio restoration experience. In addition, he is used for voice over talent. He has produced audio for broadcast, commercials, promotional media, websites, voice-over recording, sound effects, and foley.


Greg uses his digital photography skills for indoor studio and outdoor portraits, product and architecture photography for print and websites.

Green Screen Chroma Key

Chroma key compositing, also known as chroma keying, green screen or blue screen, allows the incorporation of any background behind the subject. This adds a level of flexibility and creativity to the post-production process. It also saves time and money.

Aerial Photography and Videography

Getting the bird’s eye view.

Companies, Brands and Clients Representing Greg’s Projects